Projects - Robert Southworth

Current Projects

Beware Thanatos

The second book in the Sacred Throne Series – Beware Thanatos… will hopefully be released in 2022. Work has already begun.

The mischievous demi-god is up to his old tricks. His attempt to bring the Olympians crashing down and take his place upon the Sacred Throne is gathering pace. He will use man to destroy the power of the Gods, no matter the cost.

Fear the Shadow

 One family  must fight to survive as disaster strikes humanity. Release date 2022.

Jack Halton is a man haunted by visions.  Sleep has become a thing of the past, as night the same images fill his mind breaking him from his slumber.  Perhaps these images are not merely a manifestation of the stresses that modern life can bring, they may well bring a warning, but will he realise that fact before disaster strikes, and consumes all that he loves.

The Slaughter Yard Mysteries

A follow on series from The Jack the Ripper Legacies – the series will be called The Slaughter Yard Mysteries – First Book The Mandrake’s Curse has been planned and initial draft begun. Release 2022 / 2023

William Harkness is back. The Ripper may well be dead but the evil that walks the great city is far from diminished. One serial killer may have been consigned to the pits of hell, but another is ready to flourish.

Medusa's Shame

The production features the amazingly talented voice actor, alexander keys. Expected release date december 2021.