Robert Southworth - Historical Fiction Author

A writer only starts a book. A reader finishes it.

Who is Robert Southworth?

A multi-genre author from a small village in the midlands of England. Here is some of Southworth’s best-selling books.
The Jack the Ripper legacies -Crime fiction

William Harkness has joined the hunt for Jack the Ripper. His hands are not tied by the laws of the land. He is the killer of killers, the assassin of evil…

Medusa's Shame
The Sacred Throne
Series - Fantasy Fiction

A New Epic Fantasy…

The darkness is spreading. A malevolent presence invades the hearts and minds of both gods and men.


What path might history have taken if Spartacus had made it through the slave rebellion in 73 BC alive? What might he have achieved—and what blows might he have rained upon the Romans?

WRATH OF THE FURIES -Historical Fiction

The new magistrate of Justitia has a difficult task before him.

Rome is a bed of deceit and murder and with the Emperor travelling the empire, it falls to him to keep order. 

Coming soon...

Robert is currently working on the sequel to the popular Medusa's Shame - Fantasy Fiction

What else is in the pipeline?

Southworth has dropped hints about a follow up series to The Jack the Ripper Legacies…Which will be called The Slaughter Yard Mysteries.

And a little birdy has mentioned that they may be a dystopian novel in store for us in the not so distance future.

Check out what Robert has recently published.

adrian starkey
Should have been the next season in the Stars Spartacus T.V. series
adrian starkey
A thrilling story running against the backdrop of lawless 19th Century London
Pat McDonald